DLEARN is a clear linear static and dynamic finite element code written in Fortran incorporating
sophisticated state-of-the-art procedures implemented in a clear, elegant and efficient way to
satisfy the needs of both student in finite element methods and the professional who wants to
expand on the basic dynamic algorithms presented in the program.
DLEARN include the following outstanding features :

– Static analysis with full stress recovery
– Dynamic analysis with alpha-method predictor/corrector algorithm allowing calculation of consistent initial accelerations
– Rayleigh viscous damping with mixed implicit/explicit element groups
– An element library comprising, a three-dimensional truss element, a four-node quadrilateral element
– Mean dilatational capabilities are offered for applications to nearly-incompressible media

DLEARN is unique because it demonstrates in detail the computer implementation of numerous

theoretical developments formally introduced in the textbook « The Finite Element Method :

Linear static and dynamic finite element analysis », Prentice Hall (1987) by T.J.R. Hughes, a leading authority in finite elements.

DLEARN represents an exceptional educational value for the in depth comprehension of the latest

numerical procedures which are necessary for the creative use of the finite element method.
Not only will the user be able to comprehend and use DLEARN for direct applications, but he or
she will also be able to expand on it by adding building blocks for particular applications in an already
proven modular framework. The professional will also be able to take advantage of the compacted
column data structure, dynamic storage allocation and a unique memory manager in extending the
code capabilities to include nonlinear effects and other more advanced topics.
Software contains source listings of all software appearing in the book, namely, the DLEARN program,and example problem input files.

To download DLEARN, click here.