Conceived and developed by Th.Zimmermann,Y.Dubois Pèlerin, P. Bomme, D.Eyheramendy, and S.Commend,

FEM_Object 001 in C++ can be used to solve large problems; it retains most pleasant features of its Smalltalk version without the drawbacks (limited problem size, slow execution speed). This program has been tested on the following platforms :

– IBM PC (or compatible) with Borland C++ or Turbo C++ compiler,

– Silicon Graphics station with AT & T C++ compiler,

– Sun Sparc2 station with AT & T C++ compiler.

Extreme care was devoted in using only standard C++ 2.0 instructions. Only the functions that measure execution times are not standard, because they differ from a computer to another. Implementing this software on another computer should induce very few modifications, possibly none.

FEM_Object in C++
- includes source diskette Download the source code
- compatible with most compilers
- download the manual in pdf format