Z_SOIL.PC 2016 2D & 3D for Students

The license for STUDENT version is valid for 6 months (but renewable free of charge) and size of the problem to be solved is limited to:
– 4000 nodes for 2D problems
– 8000 nodes for 3D problems
Student version is protected with watermarks on prints
The hotline service is not available for STUDENT version. In case of technical problems please inform student@zsoil.com

Help installation:
Download Manual for Two phase version (10.06.2016) – 1380 MB
Download TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC) in case of problem with playing movies included in tutorials

To Download version 2016 for Students:
1. Provide a valid e-mail address to enable us to send you the installation information.
2. Click the Submit button to obtain the password and the URL to download the installation copy

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