ZSoil Day 2021 Presentations


27 August 2021 Online by Zoom from HEIA Fribourg Switzerland

Invited Lecture: S.Marelli, ETHZ

An introduction to Uncertainty Quantification and Reliability Analysis in Geotechnics.

S.Commend & G. Jacot-Descombes, HEIA Fribourg & Geomod SA.

Reliability analyses applied to day-to-day geotechnical engineering using meta-models: analytical, 2D and 3D numerical examples.

Marc Groslambert & al. Geomod SA.

The Bayesian inversion and reliability analysis in geotechnics with ZSOIL.PC & UQLab.

Marc Groslambert & al. Geomod SA.

Random fields in geotechnics with ZSOIL.PC & UQLab.

M.Preisig Geomod Ltd,

Lausanne Dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis: Case study of a 6-story building.

I. Ripoche, C. Jost, HEFR 

Towards real-time FE modelling of rain induced slope instabilities.

M. Hohberg, IUB Bern,
Prediction of Deformations and Dimensioning of Lining for a Deep Tunnel in Squeezing Rock.

D. Vernay, R. Obrzud  Karakas-Français, Lausanne

An integrated framework for adaptive design and monitoring of deep excavations based on advanced data visualisation.

R.Obrzud, D.Vernay, Karakas & Français SA, K.Podles, Zace Services SA & CUT
Modelling of raft foundations accounting for global rigidity of a building structure and time effects.

A. Truty Cracow University of Technology ZACE Services

Modeling piles/barettes as 1D inserts in 3D continuum yielding limited mesh dependency effect.

S.Kivell, Geomod SA

Rhino with ZSTools & Gmsh as alternatives for geometry / mesh generation.